Batman Stretch Hummer Limo Hire Melbourne

The ultimate stretch Hummer limo – 16 Passengers

Dark Knight. Caped Crusader. World’s greatest crime-fighting detective. Whatever you know him as, wherever you know him from - the blockbuster movies, TV shows, video games, cartoons, or millions of comics - Batman is proof you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero! And now Exotic Limo has proved that you don’t have to be Batman to ride in the Batman Hummer Limo!

Holy Toledo Batman - Exotic Limo built you a Stretch Hummer!

Everywhere you look (inside the cabin – or out) there is an iconic piece of history paying homage to Batman! Scud missiles, torpedo’s and Gatling guns are mounted on the imitation Kevlar Hummer exterior (in case you encounter a villain whilst riding around Melbourne)! Climb inside the cabin and discover a Batman fans dream come true! A life-sized interactive Batman (surrounded by maps of Gotham City, flashing screens, blinking buttons and levers) greets passengers as they come aboard. Seats are artistically upholstered in the unmistakable Batman logo; neon symbols on the walls flicker different colour patterns; the sinister Gotham City skyline is illuminated eerily behind the graphite Batwing bar; the roof of the Hummer is awash with bats filling the night sky; huge bat wings unfurl when the double jet wing doors swing open; and of course the Commissioner of Gotham can be contacted at anytime with golden globes of light that beam the Batman symbol into the sky! Of course, there are many more secrets to discover, but you’ll have to book it to discover them yourselves…

Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!!

This pioneering stretch Hummer is Exotic Limo’s second foray into the land of Superhero Limousines. Following on from our Transformers Bumblebee Chevy Camaro limousine, the 16 passenger (gun metal grey & matte black) Batman Hummer is without doubt the most insanely awesome limousine on Planet Earth! We have spared no expense, nor cut any corners, to produce what will soon become one of Melbourne’s must-ride, must-see, must have limousine experience attractions! Now available for bookings! Enquire about real-life Batman characters being added to your booking as well!

Features of the Exotic Limo Batman Hummer Limo
  • Seats up to 16 Passengers in Batman themed interior
  • Interactive Batman props to fight crime on your journey!
  • Life-sized Batman figure rides along with you!
  • Gotham City Batwing champagne Bar
  • Fully integrated touch screen controlled by you
  • 1000’s of Film Clips and Music Videos
  • 8 x 40 inch flat screen TV’s
  • iPod/iPhone connectivity to multimedia system
  • Outstanding climate control for passenger comfort
  • Out of this world Batman themed Light Shows!
  • Champagne Flutes, Glassware, Tumblers and full ice buckets provided
Customer Experiences

Exotic Limo - “Good afternoon Exotic Limo…”
Customer - “Hi! Is it true that Exotic Limo are building a Batman Hummer?”
Exotic Limo - “Wow! Good news travels fast doesn’t it!?”
Customer - “Does that mean YES?”
Exotic Limo - “Well, now that the secret is out – YES, we have designed, produced, engineered and developed the Worlds first and ONLY Batman stretch Hummer limousine!”
Customer - “Holy Toledo heck oh my God you cannot be freaking serious wow yes oh yes oh YES!”


- Melbourne, VIC


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