Selection of Supercars

Live Your Dreams and Book a Chauffeured Supercar in Melbourne

Looking for the ultimate way to arrive at your special event? Look no further than Exotic Limo! We have just about every possible Supercar or luxury Sports Car in Melbourne. Be it a Lamborghini or Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche or Audi – if you need to drop some jaws upon your (loud and stylish) arrival, then take a closer look at our heart melting fleet of exotic cars below… All of our Supercar experiences are only driven by a professional Exotic Limo Melbourne chauffeur and we unfortunately cannot offer self-drive experiences. Please also note that most of these vehicles can only take one passenger at a time.

View our range of sports cars below:

What makes a vehicle a Supercar?

What makes a vehicle a SUPERCAR? Most will agree that speed and power are what sets them apart from the cars that we drive. To achieve that, the technology that goes into a supercar is beyond cutting edge. Materials, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency and jaw-dropping good looks make these machines the ultimate fantasy. They are the elite engines for the road and are built not only for speed, but as an ultimate symbol of luxury.

For most of us, ownership of a Supercar stays in the realm of the impossible. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a multi-millionaire to experience what it’s like to be inside one of these jaw dropping, heart-thumping pieces of engineering magnificence.

Exotic Limo are proud to offer this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get yourself inside the luxury confines of one of these engineering marvels. Contact us for more info on 1300 532 532.

We booked two limousines and a beautiful sedan for our wedding day with Exotic limo! Clearly you have been servicing many weddings over the years – your service was remarkable! Fred is clearly a professional chauffeur, not just a driver! You made our special day one to remember. Thank you so much!”
Sarah and JarrodHawthorn