The Sunset Jewel Hummer Limousine

Just when you thought Exotic Limo couldn’t possibly get any more creative and ostentatious in what our offerings already provide, we went and created you a GOLDEN HUMMER! Why? Well, because we’re wild, and YOU ARE WORTH IT! Check it…

In most lights this stunning luxury Hummer appears to the naked eye as a radiant Golden Bullion of shiny delight, reflecting and refracting light so it dances off the exterior giving off what we call the SHIMMERING EFFECT.

And then, like a magician has waved his wand, watch on in amazement as this special Hummer rolls past you and seemingly changes colours in front of your eyes, from a rich Gold transitioning brightly through the spectrum of colours to a magical magenta all in a matter of seconds!

The confused look on the faces of bug-eyed people outside the Hummer as it glides past them makes you want to yell out to them from the sunroof – “No, you’re not hallucinating, yes this Hummer is changing colours in front of your very eyes, and don’t forget to retrieve your jaw from the floor – Woo Hoo!”.

The interior of this massive Hummer can seat up to 16 party people and true to its name, every feature inside is dripping with GOLD as well! Yep – wall to wall GOLD! Be excessive, channel your innermost richest desires, bathe in the golden wonderland this Hummer provides it’s passengers! This majestic piece of engineering means your multi-coloured Hummer makes the HEADLINES of your next special event!

This Hummer has a MASSIVE sound system and a lighting and laser show set up that would make a dance festival promoter proud! Best of all, YOU can be in charge of all these features! With bluetooth connectivity features and touch screen control panels, you can customise your Golden Hummer experience around your own wants and desires…

All that glitters is not Gold and our BRAND NEW stretch Hummer is testament to that famous saying! We would love to transform your next party into a glistening, sparkly fiesta with this remarkable one-of-a-kind Hummer! Bookings are already going BANG so don’t hesitate in getting a quote for your next event!

We do Weddings, Parties for BIG KIDS and small ones too, Formals/Debs/Grads, Birthday Parties, Nights on the Town, Concert and Sporting Transfers, Airport pick ups and drop offs, and more…. Grab a quote today.

Get an immediate quote request today by calling 1300 532 532 OR you can fill out an online quote request form to discuss the details around your specific booking occasion – we’d love to hear from you.

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Had an absolute blast with my friends in your Golden colour changing Hummer! That thing is absolutely sick! I cannot believe how much attention we got cruising around in that Hummer people were freaking out! Thanks for a birthday I’ll never forget, our Driver was so nice as well!
Harrison MurphySandringham