Lamborghini Aventador Black

Lamborghini Aventador Black

When it comes down to cars, this is it. Even if you were’t a massive fan of Lambos in the past, when the Aventador was released, those feelings most certainly changed.

The devilish look it has, its unholy rumble (even at idle), and the knowledge that the rear-mounted 6.5L V12 can launch you from 0-100 in under three seconds – what’s not to love?

If you’ve ever thought to yourself what the life of a superstar might be like, we have the perfect experience for you! Our Lamborghini Aventador package propels you directly into the world of superstardom enter a different universe in one of the world’s most exceptional supercars.


Then the fun really begins as you are treated to a 15km ride around some of the beautiful roads of the Mornington Peninsula.

The route has been specially chosen to avoid stop-start traffic lights and congestion to put this Supercar through its paces with climbing hills and swooping bends all topped off with some breathtaking views – this will truly be an experience to remember.

This really is a fantastic gift for Lambo lovers and sports car fans in general.

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